March - May 2020


Is Coronavirus messing with ur head? Escape to the treehouse!

Hang with the gang for a mash up of the best good news stories, self-isolation life hacks and drop-ins by Aussie comedians.

We share a birds-eye-view of the amazing things people are doing to help each other get through this crisis.

Covid19 is seriously important, but so is keeping a good head space. Wanna come play?

A science podcast about the end of the world.

Winner of Nova Entertainment's Podquest competition 2017. 


Aug 2017   NOVA loves zombies.

Doomsday, a podcast by Wendy John is the winner, of  NOVA  Entertainment's  second Podquest series. 


Words Unravelled

Australian Society

of Authors


May 2018

The Australian Society of Authors (ASA) has launched a new podcast series: Words Unravelled. 

Sit back as ASA host Wendy John brings you interviews with inspiring local and international entrepreneurs, shining a light on the numerous ways wordsmiths adapt their talents beyond the book.


Unconventional, enlightening, entertaining and encouraging, Words Unravelled challenges you to rethink what you can do with 26 letters.

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