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The beautiful but deadly items lurking in your jewellery box.
Urban beaches are environmental hotspots for antibiotic resistance.
Trainee paramedics hit the road at Christmas.
Australian DNA detectives reveal secrets of Game of Thrones wolves.
Wonder Woman tops weekend box office but takings were significantly down.
news.com.au_koala chlamydia story

NEWS.COM.AU Koalas continue to die as a new koala chlamydia cure sits on the shelf due to lack of funding.

QLD Country Life floods story

QLD COUNTRY LIFE Different tactics during the clean-up phase are seeing some small successes for north west Queensland graziers following the disastrous flooding.

SMH Live ATAR Blog 2020
Superb Parrots feature

Volunteers in pyjamas helping endangered Superb Parrots. Wildlife Australia magazine Spring 2019.

World Press Freedom Day 2020

Once-jailed journo, Peter Greste, talks about press freedom...and how Egyptian jails are like Game of Thrones.

Poppers story in GOAT
The cure to koala chlmyida has been found - why is it not being funded?

Network 10's The Project liked this story so much - they picked it up.

Foreign Correspondent Tim Hamer

AUSTRALASIAN MUSLIM TIMES Aussie journalism students challenge stereotypes after a Foreign Correspondent Study Tour to the Middle East.

Guru Quest column

TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT IN AUSTRALIA MAGAZINE Can learning be managed and what if that's your job? My bi-monthly Guru Quest column.

ASA goes audio!



'Time to raise daughters like sons and sons like daughters.' Gloria Steinam's message at Sydney Writers Festival.

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ROYAL EASTER SHOW BUSH TELEGRAPH At NSW beaches ‘budgie smuggler’ swimwear has become an Aussie icon. But Mr James Matthews, budgerigar breeder, admits he hasn’t worn a pair since his childhood in Tamworth.